Foxtale 3% Tranexamic Acid & Peptide Serum for Pigmentation




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Skin Types :All

Product Benefits : Brightening, Hyperpigmentation, Even skin tone, dark spots.

Active Ingredients : Niacinamide

Rating: 4.2

This serum has Tranexamic Acid that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and blemishes. It is very leight weight and quickly absorbs into the skin.  It also reduce uneven skintone use regularly to feel reducing discolouration.

Reduce Dark Spots &patches , it  control melanin production . With regular usage, this serum brightens the skin.

This Serum improves skin texture and strengthens the skin’s barrier. It has the ingredients like Tranexamic Acid,  Niacinamide and Oligopeptide 68  act as brightening agents that reduce the melanin production.

This serum targets hyperpigmentation, Dark spots, Melasma, Even skin tone , hydrate, brightining & lightining the skin.  and also treat the moisture barrier of the skin.

This serum pH level  5.5 -6.5. Peptides work deeper into the skin.


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