Skinn By Titan  Celeste Perfume Spray For Women



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Brand: Skinn By Titan

Price : 2595

Form : Cream

Item Volume : 100Ml

Scent : Jasmine

Fragrance Notes:

Top notes : Grapefruit,Blood Orange, Green Pear,and Ginger.

Middle notes : Jasmine, Floral Nectar Sambac, waterlily,  and Orange Flower .

Base notes : Apricot , Amber,Nectar Sandalwood,   White Musk and Patchouli.


Skinn By Titan is amazing jasmine fragrance You can use it every day or  use it on any special occasions, Once you can spray it  keep fragrance for long lasting. This is definitely worth for money to buy.


• Fragrance : Celeste  with  white floral notes, including jasmine sambac and orange flower, and layered with the sweetness of floral nectar & waterlily.

• Fresh and Invigorating:  Grapefruit, green pear, ginger, and blood orange provide a  freshness and amazing fragrance, perfect for daily wear or special occasions.

• Long-lasting: The skinn by Titan perfume contains apricot nectar, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and white musk in the base notes. It ensure a long lasting fragrance  throughout the day.

• Light and Elegant: This skinn by Titan perfume is not heavy to feel,  best for every day use and elegant and mind blowing fragrance just refreshing your mind.

Additionally Details:

Celeste is a vibrant fragrance . It blends white floral tones with a hint of peaches and pears for freshness and the base of dry sandalwood adds a subtle depth, complemented by hints of patchouli. Designed to evoke a  mischievous mood, it's a modern and perfect scent with a touch of elegance and spontaneity.


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