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What is toner for face? A toner will helps to remove any dirts, bits of oil, and debris left behind by the cleanser.

And also toner will help to soothes , nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring pH balance
Remove all these pore-cloggers, you reduce acne and prevent breakouts.

So toning is really important step in CTM process. Also toner is an excellent cleanser, that to helps remove traces of heavy make-up. It helps to shrink pores and removes excess oil .

What is toner for face, how its works ?A good toner can give glow and brighten the skin. You can use a hydrating toner it helps to keep the moisturizer for whole day.

A toner soothes inflamed skin , to start using a quality skin toner in your daily skincare routine and see the difference on your skin.
Toner is a skincare product with secondary astringent pores, firming skin, and regulating the pH of the skin surface.

After cleansing, you can use toner to wipe the skin.

What is toner for face

What is toner for face- Here are some beneficial factors to use facial toners

Toners can acts as exfoliants it depend upto toner types like toners that contain glycolic or salicylic , alpha hydroxy acids(AHA).or BHA(Beta hydroxy acid) these are work as an exfoliant, also helps to turnover of new skin cells. Exfoliation remove all dead skin cells and to get healthy new cells, it helps Unclog your pores to get glowing skin.

Toners can lots of benefits for your skin , it deeply absorb skin-care products . When used correct toner, after washing your face first step . (However, this can be the case when one puts a product on moisten skin (water can also do this). Moistened skin can absorb topical products better than dry skin. Consequently, to dilute skin-care products, it’s often recommended that you use specific active ingredients such as retinol on dry skin to avoid irritating the skin’s barrier of over-penetration of the product.)

What is toner for face and what kind of facial toners to use?

If you not known your skin type ,it is best to see your dermatologist they recommend which toner suitable for your skin type. But if you know your skin type , must you check the ingredients of the toner then it’s important to note that not all toner suitable for your skin type. Use suitable skin-care products would work best for you. Every one has various skin types, so it’s difficult to find the good facial toner that acts best for your skin type. Select ingredients with more organic, active botanical and staying away alchohol free tonor .

For example, there are different kinds of toners- some for normal to oily skin, sensitive skin or dry skin. Use formulations with(BHA and AHA) beta and alpha hydroxy acids (salicylic, glycolic) it is good exfoliate for acne-prone skin, antioxidants like vitamin C ,witch hazel, moisturizing toners with aloe and Vitamin E, it is a anti-inflammatory ingredients for sensitive skin.

alcohol-based toners are too drying your skin, even for those with oily complexions. What is toner for face , Toners can cause dryness, must avoid that types of toners that can be very dehydrating to the skin. For those with sensitive with mature dry skin Use toner like better anti-aging and hydration to soothe and help repair skin.

What is toner for face

What is toner for face that Why not must for every skin type

If you skip the additional step of using a facial toner to enhance your skin-care regimen, must use an effective pH-balanced cleanser that already balance your skin’s pH levels. Your Daily skin-care routine includes the retinol, vitamins, and antioxidants that your skin needs to keep the pH level .

You Skipping these steps, your cleansers are already balanced the pH lecel for the skin. What is tinder for face it necessary or ? Toning isn’t necessary for everyone. If you invest in a best facial cleanser and the right serums and moisturizer that not only regulate your skin’s pH level back to neutral, but that also does an excellent job, use cleansing and exfoliating your skin without drying it out. Investing in the good skin-care products that already balance your skin’s pH level and that include the vitamins etc.,.

Toners are effective for making your pores size shrink , tighten your skin and help balance the pH level of your skin. it making your skin less prone to oiliness.

However, many toners are available in market. choose which toner suitable for your skin type

What is toner for face ,Mainly the toner is helps to re-cleanse and
restore the pH of the skin

Apply toner to the skin after cleansing has the following functions:

1. It shrink the open pores size

2. It can remove the any excess dirt in the pores.

3. Toner helps to prevent dryness.

4. The soothing ingredients can reduce and prevent the excess of oil production .

What is toner for face -How to use toner correctly?

1. If you have oily skin, suggest to apply toner with a cotton pad. The toner acts a secondary cleaning. And also have a moisturizing and hydrating effects.

2. If your skin is dry, without moisture and sensitive skin, to pat the toner with your hands. Suppose if you use cotton pads, the friction will damage the cuticle . After washing hands, then apply the toner on your face.


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