Latest 4 Best Way To Get Rid of Dry Skin On Feet

It is a Best way to get rid of dry skin on feet ,
Do simple pedicure at home to cleans and scrubs the heels to remove dead skin cells.

  • Use pumice stone or a heel scrubber this one is budget friendly exfoliate
  • hydrating foot cream .
  • cotton socks

You can do the pedicure process while in the shower, soaking your feet in a tub of warm water add your regular shampoo in the tub. If you no time do it for night before going to bed, after complete the process apply foot cream or moisturizer.

Best way to get rid of dry skin on feet

Following these steps for best way to get rid of dry skin on feet

Step1. Pumice stone

A pumice stone is helps to remove dead skin and callouses from your feet. It is a natural lava stone,It available all online stores. It is a best way to get rid of dry skin on feet. 

First Dip the pumice stone in warm water then use because it is too rough to use . You can also soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and Gently rub the stone in a circular motion around your foot to remove dead skin,do not too harsh it helps to get soft skin on feet and reduce crack heel also.
It will help promote healthy cell turnover.

Apply creams or oil to help soften your feet.

Do not use a pumice stone on injured areas.
(Foot soak; Try with luke warm water, add some Epsom salts, and relax for 10 minutes. Afterward, use pumice stone to rub your feet.)

Step 2 : Exfoliating 

Next step of best way to get rid  of dry skin on feet is exfoliating, scrub all over your feet and use your favorite feet scrub or home made scrub ( 1 tsp of coffee powder and 1 tsp powder sugar and add little drop of coconut oil mix all to scrub your feet) clean your toes, and all sides of your feet. You can use a tools or simply use old toothbrush to clean your feet nails . Exfoliate is helps to remove dead skin cells in your feet.

Step 3Rinse and thoroughly and dry your feet. Apply little amount of your foot cream or lotion to your feet and massage it for full feet , concentrating on heels and other areas also.

Step 4: Finally wear cotton socks before going to bed, Repeat this process weekly.

You can also use Vaseline instead of your cream or lotion.

Foot cream for dry skin on feet

Best way to get rid of dry skin on feet :Serum for dry feet

Take 1 tbsp of Extra virgin coconut oil, 1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel , 1 tbsp glycerine and add ,1 tbsp of rose water.

Mix them all till it come thick consistency
After bath and washing your feet apply this serum daily.

Climate change also dry out your skin, it Depending on whether conditions such as summer or winter . winter will contribute to dry, thickened skin on feet and hands.

Change Your Habits it is one of the best way to get rid of dry skin on feet

Choose the moisturizers with include AHA( Alpha-hydroxy acids) or lactic acid. Alpha-hydroxy acids help to remove dead skin cells. Some people’s skin is too sensitive to use AHA cream, so stop using it if irritation develops.

 The skin on our feet is naturally dry, so must use moisturizer. The skin on our feet has no oil glands, so, sweat glands to keep our feet moisturized, then why it cracks easily . Also, it can be cause by a lot of other resons like:

Excessively hot water baths, A skin condition that dries the skin ,use non-moisturizing soaps, Cold weather, Aging (in aging we naturally lose moisture in our skin) and Long periods spent in the sun.

You can get rid of it by:

Best way to get rid of dry skin on feet , try to Soak your feet luke warm water and add one lemon squeeze it , wait for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Lemon juice has mild acid that helps to dissolve dead and easy to remove dry skin . Use a soft foot brush to scrub your feet after you’re done soaking them.

Best way to get rid of dry skin on feet ,Take one spoon of olive oil, castor oil , jojoba oil and a few drops of lavender oil mix all the ingredients until they form a thick , store it in to the glass bottle. Remember to wear a socks it help to remove cracks on feet. Shake before use the oils.

Common problem of dry skin on feet Causes:
  1. Exposure to dust
  2. climatic conditions
  3. Also some Health condition
  4. Walking on the uneven surfaces
How to avoid:
  1. Before going to bed apply coconut oil in your feet and gently massage it.
  2. Wash your feet before going to bed.
  3. Apply moisturizer s like Vaseline or feet cream
  4. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrate your skin.
  5. Follow a healtly diet that rich in vitamin A and Vitamin B
  6. Protect yourself from cold and hot sun

Dead skin can causes lack of moisture , if your feet are constantly closed in shoes .

Dead skin on the your foot it may appear dry, cracked.

Some of the best way to get rid of dry skin on feet and remove dead cells

Oatmeal scrub

You can use oatmeal to exfoliate to remove dead skin.

To make the scrub, mix equal parts oatmeal with milk to make a paste. To use:
Apply the scrub to your feet and let set for up to 20 minutes then exfoliate your feet.
Wash out with cold water and let your feet dry.
and Apply a foot cream.

Try every alternative day for best results.

How to prevent and best way to get rid of dry skin on the feet

Use oils, or feet creams , it help to prevent your skin from drying out.

Avoid feet lotions because it contain alcohol, which may dry your feet. So use Baby oil or petroleum jelly .

Soak your feet and use a pumice stone or foot brush to gently exfoliate off dead skin. Try this once a week.

Dead skin is usually removed at home so nothing to worry that don’t cure on their own or with home remedies, Consult doctor .


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