How To Use Rice Water For Face-Top Best 5Methods

How to use rice water for face, Rice has a number of benefits that can helps to keep maintain your surface layer in good condition. The nutrients vary with different rice, but most contain anti-inflammatory, and Vitamins B1, C and E.

Rice water helps to lightening the skin and reduce dark patches from the face. Use for all skin types , It will fight with Eczema, acne, rashes, and inflammation and also product Sun damage.

How to use rice water for face

Benefits of rice water

Rice water is good for healthy skin, it help to improve skin complex, to continuously use strink the open pores, to get the glowing skin , soothes the sunburn , and protects the skin barrier .

Fermented rice water is extremely good for skin, Boiled rice water are also good but fermented rice water protect skin from sun damage and also product skin barrier.

Best few methods how use rice water for face

  • Facial cleanser

How to use rice water for face, Use rice water as a face cleanser very simple to do , dipping a cotton pad into the rice water and gently massaging it into your skin for few minutes. Let your face dry it absorbs all of the good stuff. Use regular you will feel your skin soft, tight, and radiant. Use can add this in your skin care routine.

How to use rice water for face- Facial toner
You can use rice water as a toner. Dip cotton pad and just apply to face it helps to minimize the appearance of pores and tighten skin. This is the best natural toner, it promotes cell growth, and helps to keep your skin bright and smooth.

In other way Rice water and rose water toner

Take equal amount of rice water and rose water in to the spray bottle, Use this like a toner or face mist , rose water helps to restore the skin pH level .This toner give the refreshing feel.

How to use rice water for face

How to use rice water for face – Acne treatment

Rice water helps to heal acne and give the cooling effect of redness of an outbreak. It also helps to reduce the pimple .

Treats eczema
Rice water treats eczema because starch components in rice water . Dip a clean cotton pad into the rice water and apply all over the affected area.

For irritated skin
Rice water soothes the skin naturally so it is good for skin inflammation . Apply rice water twice a day could improve the condition.
It will help your prevent further damage and skin recover fast.

Face mists.

How to use rice water for face daily ,Use Rice water as a Face mist you Just put the rice water in a spray bottle and add daily in your skincare routine. use this directly , or mix with some aloe vera gel , for added moisture but this is optional.

sheet mask

You use face tissue and soak them in rice water , if you like to add rose water and any other essential oils one drop. Mix well all then soak it and place in to tour face , Wait for 15 minutes, no need to wash your face.

How to use rice water for face, Additionally try other method, Take 2 spoon aleovera gel , 1 spoon of rice water and add few drops of essential oil. Mix all ingredients , take face tissue soak in the bowl and refrigerate for 5 minutes then place in to your face leave it for 15 minutes then remove it do not wash your face.

Clay Mask

How to use rice water for face , You can also mix the rice water with clay mask : the rice water should leaves skin very soft , It is a also can sooth irritated or inflamed skin too. When used with clays it may leave the skin slightly tight or dry, you can wash it with cold water then apply moisturizer.

Use Fuller earth powder or any other clay
Take one spoon of fuller earth powder and 2 spoon of rice water, mix both and apply in to your face leave it 15 minutes then wash it with water.

How to make rice water ?

There are 2 methods to make them:

Fermented rice water; Mix 1 cup of rice with 1 cup of cold water, leave it for over night. Strain it and put this ferment rice water in to the bottle and store the fridge. Store only 7 days then prepare the new.

Another method Boiled rice water:
1 cup of rice and1 liter water ,Take dry rice and it wash this two times after finish wash .
Put your rice in a bowl and add clean water and heat it gently for 30 mins – don’t boil it, it only needs to be warm that is enough to rice leaks the nutrients – Strain it and pour the water into a bottle. Or try the above simple method fermented rice water.

You can store rice water in the fridge for up to 5 to 7 days.

Put the water to a spray bottle and spray on your face then pat dry . You can use to apply cotton pad and just dap your skin

If you know the detail of how to use rice water for face try this methods regularly to get a best results.


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