The Best 6Ways- Acne On Forehead Home Remedies

Acne on forehead home remedies

Once acne has come it’s very difficult to go but i will give you a simple and workable home remedies. Acne on forehead home remedies, first we see how acne has come
Commonly causes environmental and genetic . And the reason to come acne from hormonal abnormalities or inflammatory acne. Some time excess of sebum production from the hair follicles that oils glands clogged under the skin so they attract the bacteria causes inflammation and redness , in simply say dirt and oils suffocated from pores cause acne,do not pop the stubborn acne.
Wash your face with gentle cleanser for morning and night.

Honey for acne

Some steps for acne on forehead home remedies

Everybody know honey is a antibacterial properties. It can help wonder for cleansing and clear skin. Honey fight with the infection that could cause reduce the acne. It also target the pimple deeply and help to fight them. Apply honey for your acne gently message then leave it 15 minutes then wash with luke warm water, it is a golden remedie for acne and any skin problems. Honey is the greatest moisturizer and softness of the skin

Acne on forehead home remedies:Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil have anti-inflammatory ingredients . it really good for oily and acne-prone skin, its wonder to work swelling and redness.

Some times it can irritate your skin so you can use also tea tree ice cubes .this is a anti acne ice cubes . let know how to prepare this ice cream take half cup of water add 2 tablespoon of aleovera gel and then add 6- 8 drops of tea tree oil. And put in ice cube tray to freeze it. It is work wonder for acne and very effective and easy to prepare and store it.


Acne on forehead home remedies, Starch in potato and vitamin C also, it reduces the acne redness and swelling. It use not only for acne ,prevent also for dark spot on face. How to use potato for forehead acne , grind the potatoes and strain the juice apply the affected area leave it 15- 20 minutes, it reduce the acne redness, this is safest for skin.

Aleo vera

Aleovera in anti-inflammatory property, it helps to control excess sebum production and this is excellent remedi for stubborn acne. It helps to reduce inflammation and reducing bacteria and removing bacteria from your skin and it naturally healing your skin. Message aleovera gel in your face then allow it for 15-20 minutes. It also good moisturizer of your skin. Use it regularly to see the results.

Green tea bag

Anti inflammatory property in green tea they comming and soothing effect on your skin. The anti inflammatory helps to healing the stubborn acne. Acne on forehead home remedies, Use green tea bags for face before cool the tea bag in the fridge ,once you done the cool place it on the acne, and gently apply leaves it 20 minutes then wash your face. In another ways you can use also green tea toner or ice cubes , take half cup cold green tea water and add few drops of rose hip oil mix well and use your face or place in the ice tray use for ice cubes.

Ice cubes for acne

Ice cubes not cure acne but it reduce to control redness and swelling of the acne.

Top DIY packs for instantly work on acne and get clear ,glowing skin
1. Activated charcoal face pack

Activated charcoal, aleovera gel and tea tree oil
Charcoal works deeply cleansing dirt from the clogged pore, and its effective acne remedi it has detoxify properties and it also exfoliate your skin well, and aleovera is reduce the inflammation and also help to preventing the break outs and the tea tree oil is antibacterial.
Acne on forehead home remedies, One spoon of activated charcoal powder and one spoon of aleovera gel and one drop of tea tree oil mix all and apply your face leave it 10 minutes

Orange peel powder and rose water
Acne on forehead home remedies, Orange peel powder contain high in vitamin C and it also antibacterial it fight to the acne germs and help in the formation of collagen and elasticity of the skin. Rose water is the anti septic property it helps to reduce the symptoms of acne breakouts and they have mild PH level and helps to cleanse the skin and it also remove dirt from clogged pore.

Some myth about acne on forehead home remedies
Toothpaste do not cure acne , don’t use toothpaste for face
Do not use directly for lemon because lemon give irritation or redness use only few drops for packs or face mask.

Some more steps to prevent acne on forehead home remedies 

  • Do not wear any tight clothes or headbands because it has dirt
  • Clean your face with gentle cleanser
  • Do not use to much of makeup products
    remove makeup before going to bed.
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Use salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide for acne ,salicylic acid acts to control excess oil . benzoyl peroxide good for pimple and acne. Retinol also use for acne on forehead. Use retinol for alternative days because it dry out your skin and use only 4-6 months ,do not over use . Benzoyl peroxide are also same do not use for long days. But salicylic acid is good to use every day it reduce oil on the skin.
  • follow these acne on forehead home remedies skin care routine and slowly see the changes.


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