How To Stop Grey Hair Permanently-9 Greatest Ideas

This is very common problem How to stop grey hair permanently, I will you best solution for stop grey hair and you also prevent it definitely very effective.
First you know Why grey hair come,it comes with loss of melanin production causes grey hair. Hair follicles have pigmentation known as melanin cells. These cells give color to your hair, but some times pigment is loss your hair follicles . So automatically white hair has come. Not only this problem for all various problems also include for the causes of premature grey hair, stress,thyroid ,genetic, vitamin b12 deficiency, iron and the very important part is our lifestyle impacts. See one thing Your white not turns black but your definitely stop to come again grey hair and prevent it.

How to stop grey hair permanently

Some effective steps how to stop grey hair permanently

Homeremedis for grey hair

Curry leaves: Curry leaves is contain good amount of iron. How to stop grey hair permanently, Eat one handful of curry leaves , you think curry leave is very difficult to eat no it’s not any bitter taste first day you can eat that taste you do not like ,but next day definitely you eat or prepare curry leaves powder then add you food this method is so easy to intake curry leaves. Intake curry leaves for few months it really work to stop your grey hair.

How to stop grey hair permanently: sesame seeds

Sesame seeds or onion seeds or black cumin or kalonji seeds: it have lot of names I did not know which name you known. Add sesame seeds in your regular routine take one spoon per day it is enough ,you can add your salad or rice or add your health drinks etc.,,
In another you prepare the hair oil and apply your hair , how to stop grey hair permanently, I know anybody like to apply hair oil everyday. But you can apply only before your hair wash and leave it 1 hour that in good.

How to prepare: Take half cup of coconut oil and 4 tablespoon of sesame seeds then 2 tablespoon of meathi seeds. First blend both seeds and mix with coconut oil. Next step ,take the pan and put it all in low flame only 10 minutes it is enough for the oil is heat, then leave it the stove. Filter the oil in the glass container, now it is ready.

Amala for grey hair

Amala: Amala is the best for hair and it contain vitamil C and antioxidants. it not only good for hair it also good for skin and health. How to stop grey hair permanently, It stop the grey hair come again. It is another name called indian gooseberry. Take one whole amala or drink amala juice that is your wish which ways you can eat but one whole big amala is good for per day suppose it has small size you can take two. it works wonder for very hair and it will helps to retain your natural hair color. Also apply the amala paste for your hair roots.

Methiseeds: Methiseeds good for hair it give the shine of your hair and reduce your body heat. how to stop grey hair permanently, Soak one spoon of methi seeds in one glass of water leave it over night and drink the water with next day morning.
If you have any sinuses problem you can must skip this step.

Onion juice for hair

Onion juice: Gow to stop grey hair permanently, Onion juice not only helps to regrow hair and hair fall problem it also helps into stop grey hair.
Howto prepare: Take one big onion and grind it straine the juice only mix with one spoon of coconut oil or castor oils then apply your scalp . Do this process for two a week it give slowly give the effective result.

Black tea
How to stop grey hair permanently , it helps to increase the melanin content for your hair. Black tea rianise is great for cover your grey hair. And it gives a keratin boost for your hair.
How to prepare: take a cup of black tea and squeeze half lemon juice leave it over the night and next day morning apply your hair for one hour or 30 minutes then wash . Use this process for once a week ,few weeks after it give the results.

Ribbed gourd oil
Ribbed gourd vegetables good for strengthen your hair and also works wonder to deal with your grey hair. how to stop grey hair permanently ,Make ribbed gourd oil , take some pieces of ribbed gourd and take half cup of coconut oil, put the pieces into the oil, boil the oil for that gourd pieces turd black . Then store it glass jar. Use this oil for your hair one or twice a week .

Coconut oil and lemon juice
You already know coconut oil contain vitamin E and rich in antioxidant , and it help to nourishes and strengthen your hair.
how to stop grey hair permanently, And it also help to keep your natural hair color.
Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 a
tablespoons of lemon juice , 2: 1 ratio use how much enough for your hair . Apply the hair roots and leave it for 30 minutes then wash your hair with mild shampoo.

Amaranth is good in vitamin, mineral, antioxidants, carbohydrates. How to stop Grey hair permanently, It also good for hair growth, hair fall , thick hair and stop gery hair. Use this paste for once or twice a week.

How to stop and prevent grey hair some more steps to prevent

Change your lifestyle avoid too much intake of caffeine ,spices, salty,and junkfood.

  • Clean your scalp properly
  • Sun exposure
  • Stress
  • Eat regularly iron and vitamin rich food
  • Avoid smoking

Some myths about grey hair

Stress not increase your grey hair

Once grey hair has come that hair not turns black ,but you can definitely prevent it.

Pick the one grey hair it does not increase.

This article is help for how to stop grey hair permanently follow all these steps to get result.


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