Coconut Oil For Hair-The Best New6Tips How To Use

Coconut oil for hair has been used as a beauty product for centuries, and in recent years, there have been more and more products with coconut oil added to them on the market. Here are five of the most surprising ways you can use coconut oil to give your hair gorgeous results you’ll be happy with! In no time at all, you’ll see how much coconut oil can do for your hair!

Coconut oil for hair

Shampoo Alternatives

Shampoos can be full of chemicals that strip our hair of natural oils and lead to frizz. The best alternative is to switch to a shampoo bar, which is made from pure ingredients like coconut oil. But if you’re still using regular shampoo, try adding some coconut oil for hair into your routine: warm a bit up in your hands, then lather onto wet hair before rinsing it off. Make sure not to apply too much though, as too much can cause greasiness!

Here’s a recipe you can use to make your own shampoo bar: Combine coconut oil, castor oil, and vegetable glycerin in a pot on low heat. Let it cool until warm and then add in some essential oils of your choice. Pour into a mold and let it harden at room temperature. When completely solid, pop out of the mold and cut it into chunks.

Oiling your scalp

Coconut oil for hair: First Oiling Your Scalp

To keep your hair in tip-top shape, try adding a few drops of oil (like coconut or argan) to your scalp. Rub a bit onto your hands, then massage it into your roots. The oil will seep into every follicle, which is vital since hair is naturally porous and more vulnerable at its root than at its ends. As an added bonus, coconut oil also helps protect against heat damage from blow dryers and curling irons!

Try washing your hair every three days or so with a gentle cleanser. That’s usually sufficient to keep it clean and residue-free, plus cutting down on how often you wash will help ensure that it retains moisture. If you need to go longer between washes, use a dry shampoo on any day(s) when you’re not shampooing.

Shower Rinses

You can apply a small amount of coconut oil for hair as a pre-shampoo treatment if you have damaged hair or are looking to add extra hydration and strength. Simply apply it all over your hair, then let it sit for 20 minutes before washing it out. You should notice healthier-looking locks after several uses.

 For dry hair that needs a boost, apply coconut oil for hair when you’re in the shower. Leave it on while you shave or use a pumice stone, then wash it out when you’re done. For damaged locks that need hydration but not necessarily strength, leave it on while your hair is still wet and wrap your head with a towel before drying off.

Conditinor for hair

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Once or twice a week, give your hair a special treatment by massaging coconut oil for hair and your scalp. Allow it to sit on your head for at least an hour before rinsing it out with warm water and shampooing as normal. You can also apply a small amount of coconut oil after showering. If you’re using coconut oil on your whole head, leave it in overnight and wash it out in the morning. This treatment will nourish and moisturize dry strands without weighing them down.

 If you suffer from dry, damaged or frizzy hair, consider incorporating a deep conditioning treatment into your routine. For example, you can use coconut oil to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

Rejuvenating Treatment for Split Ends

Your ends will thank you. Warm up a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub it into your hair, focusing on any damaged or frizzy spots. Leave in for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. For an intensive treatment, cover your head with a shower cap and leave in overnight before washing out.

If you want to go all out, add 2 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into a blender along with half an avocado. Blend until smooth before applying from root to tip in sections and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing out.

  •  Cover your head with a shower cap, then apply warm oils of your choice from roots to tips in sections.

Pre-Shampoo Treatments

Before you shampoo, massage coconut oil onto your scalp for about five minutes. The oil will help coat your hair and trap in moisture—the same way it does when you use it on your skin. Don’t leave any strands uncovered—you want that coconutty goodness all over those tresses! Leave it in your hair until you shower or wash it out, but try not to let more than two hours pass between application and shampooing. You don’t want your hair to get greasy.

  •  Post-Shampoo Treatments: While your hair is still wet, massage a teaspoon of coconut oil onto your scalp. The water will help activate its natural antibacterial properties and kill off dandruff while you’re at it. Now let your hair air dry until it’s about 80% dry (to prevent frizzing). Once it is, you can style as usual.


These days, coconut oil is a staple in many beauty routines—and for good reason. It’s far cheaper than most hair oils, it has a multitude of uses, and it doesn’t weigh down your strands like other oils do. If you want healthier hair, we recommend incorporating coconut oil into your routine as soon as possible.

A key ingredient in most beauty products, coconut oil is a natural way to protect your hair from damage and keep it looking healthy. By following these simple steps, you can make sure that you’re getting all of these benefits—as well as preventing dandruff and reducing scalp inflammation. Remember that while a few drops of coconut oil can do wonders, it may take a while before you see visible results. Stick with it! Your hair will thank you.


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